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Easter Island evokes many things but never indifference. Exciting, it symbolizes its people’s mystery and its past which is known by only a few. This volcanic land, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, hides the most amazing treasures. Its moais, caves, craters and beaches gives this place a unique atmosphere. Easter Island is one of the masterpieces of our planet, a magical meeting with the past. Everything means silence, vastness, mystery, legend. We invite you to unveil this island with a different look, one oriented to the unspoiled nature which engraved its history

One of Easter Island’s mayor attraction is their cultural festivals, of which there are many held throughout the year. The most famous includes the Tapatai Rapa Nui and Tokerau festivals. The former is the most relevant display of the island’s cultural traditions, given that it promotes Rapa Nui ancestral customs through songs, dances, typical dresses and other ancient traditions.

Enjoy the Rapa Nui Festival held since 1975. LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE
This year confirmed dates are: To Define
Recommended stay from To Define

Get deep in the culture and people of Rapa Nui, celebrating a festival where the population is divided into two alliances for 9 days and compete in different challenges gaining points to crown their candidate as the queen.

Some of the competitions taking place on the Tapati Festival are:
Tau’a: Rapa Nui triathlon that takes place in Rano Raraku.
Traditional technique of mixing natural pigments and describe the meaning of their painting to the community
Haka Pei: Competitors slide on banana trunks from a hill at fast speed
Vaka Tuai: alliances recreate a traditional Polynesian boat and then go sailing in the Pacific Sea
Hoka Hako Opo: a musical competition, testing the choral skills of the contestants, who must sing and alternate with their rivals, without repeating words or making mistakes.
Pora: Dressed with typical outfits competitors swim on a handmade boat.
Titinggi Mahauta: Costumes made with Mahuate plant.
Were the most experienced members of each group interpret ritual chants that tell epic stories and legends from Rapa Nui

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